Walmart Will Use Blockchain to Track Delivery Drones

The popular retail organization, Walmart, is trying for to patent a system that makes use of blockchain to track packages delivered by unmanned drones. The United States Patent and Trademark office published the software, innocuously titled Unmanned Aerial shipping to secure location, on 25th may, and even as that title may not give away many of plans made by Walmart the software itself reveals further information. As mentioned, the retailer is looking at blockchain as a manner to track shipments that involve flying drones.


The patent software explains:

“In a few embodiments, the delivery box can also consist of a delivery encryption system comprising a blockchain for package tracking and authentication. Package tracking by blockchain may also consist of elements which includes but not restricted to location, supply chain transition, authentication of the courier and consumer, ambient temperature of the container, temperature of the product if available, appropriate thresholds for ambient temperature of the product, package contents positioned in the container system.”

It is a great release from the worldwide retailer, which has discovered a number of its work with blockchain in the past. On last October, Walmart introduced that it was working with IBM to develop a deliver chain solution targeted on China’s pork marketplace, the biggest in the world.

Blockchain technology

However, the retailer indicated that it was trying to apply the blockchain technology to different supply chains. Moreover, at the same time as it supplied no hint that it was searching at blockchain as an underlying mechanism for aerial drones, Walmart noted that it desired to leverage blockchain to facilitate fresher and quicker deliveries. The software additionally information how the technology could be used to set up identification in the package system.

The authors wrote:

“Authentication and access may be limited to particular blockchain keys to access the contents of a parcel’s payload, and can consist of particular instances and locations. Access to the contents may be decided at the scheduling and buy of a delivery or merchandise.”


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