United States Government Not Passing Bitcoin Regulations Anytime Soon

The United States authorities won’t be passing Bitcoin policies anytime soon, at least in line with one White house official. Rob Joyce, unique assistant to the president and White house cyber security coordinator, stated that even though the authorities is concerned about Bitcoin and different public digital currencies, officials are nonetheless an extended way from developing an official regulatory framework.

Rob Joyce stated:

“I suppose we’re nevertheless actually analyzing and understanding what the best thoughts and terrible thoughts in that area are. So, I don’t suppose it’s close.”

Rob Joyce, who spent twenty-seven years at the countrywide protection organization, mentioned that the White house is most worried about the capability of criminals to use digital currency to subvert anti-money laundering regulations in area at traditional economic institutions.


Rob Joyce stated:

“We’re worried. There are advantages to the bitcoin idea — digital money, digital currencies. However, at the equal time, if you look at the manner bitcoin works after there’s a criminal act that takes area, you mayn’t rewind the clock and take back that currency. With the modern instantiation of bitcoin and different digital currencies, we haven’t figured that out yet. So it’s an issue.”

Joyce’s remarks echo those of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who has stated that he wants to see digital currency wallet companies regulated under the same anti-money laundering and know your customer suggestions as banks and different economic services companies.

Steven Mnuchin stated:

“It’s something we’re searching at very carefully and will keep to study. The primary problem and the most essential trouble is to ensure that people can’t use bitcoin for illicit activities. Therefore, we want to ensure that you don’t have the dark internet funded in bitcoins. And that’s something that is an issue of ours nowadays.”


However, even by the Treasury Department’s personal admission, digital currency utilization makes up a small percent of illicit transaction quantity. The currency most typically related to illicit transactions is the United States dollar.

All in all, regulators themselves have suggested legislators towards encumbering the nascent blockchain surroundings with overbearing policies. At a latest United States Senate Hearing, for example, Commodity Futures Trading Commission Chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo testified that any new Bitcoin policies should be cautiously tailored to deal with particular issues discovered within the underlying markets.


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