Travel All Over The World With Bitcoin

Felix Weis spent eighteen months travelling around all over the world using only Bitcoin for payments. On January twelve, the Bitcoin coder, Felix Weis, decided to try to travel around the world using only bitcoins. He travel over eighteen months and visit twenty seven countries and fifty cities; his story is told by Forbes newsman Laura Shin.

There were only 3 rules for his trip:

  1. No banks.It also mean the he did not use Western Union, or cash exchanges.
  2. Bitcoin He had to use Bitcoin everywhere it possible.
  3. Cashjust for bitcoin. Understending that there could be situation once he would need native currency, he could do peer-to-peer exchanges of bitcoin for money.


In order to form ends meet in every town he stayed he used Coinmap, a huge and increasing map of companies accepting bitcoins to find places to remain and places to eat.

Weis said:

“In terms of lodging, I did all from couch surfing to 5 star hotels. I purchased all the flights and hotels with Bitcoin. If the guesthouse didn’t receive Bitcoin, I used Expedia, and for the flights, I used CheapAir. I might prefer to give thanks these 2 firms because they make great deal for me.”

Weis mentioned that he additionally leaned on followers of the Bitcoin community in the several completely different countries he visited. Eighty percent of the individuals he merchandised with were already into Bitcoin. He also found them using LocalBitcoins, an internet site created to help people in exchange bitcoins regionally. He even merchandised bitcoins with some individuals for cash.

Weis started this journey in Praha, where SatoshiLabs sa is situated. SatoshiLabs is the creator of the TREZOR Bitcoin wallet. Weis told that he wished to buy a hardware wallet to save his bitcoins throughout his journey. Weis kept the main part of his bitcoin funds in the wallet, however he kept a same part of his bitcoin on a mobile wallet. For this purpose he used a range of wallets such as android Bitcoin wallet, mycelium and Copay.

During the journey, Weis interviewed varied Bitcoin startups around the world and questioned them where they wanted to be in ten years using cryptocurrencies and blockchain techology. While he planned to keep a record of these meetings, he has not distributed anything. “I’m a programmer, not a blogger,” he said. “People kept telling me, you have to put in writing a blog, but my blog died after one month. it absolutely was a lot of work.”

More details of Weis’s bitcoin amazing journey were told in the Forbes article regarding his trip, including how he selected where to travel, what he did when he got there and a lot of much more interesting facts and stories.


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