There May Be a Bubble in Bitcoin, but Bitcoin Itself Isn’t a Bubble

Popular billionaire hedge fund investor Mike Novogratz mentioned that there can be a bubble in bitcoin in certain areas but the digital currency itself isn’t a bubble. Mike Novogratz mentioned that bitcoin and the digital currency marketplace could turn out to be the largest bubble of our lifetimes.

Mike Novogratz stated:

“I suppose this digital currency is going to be the largest bubble of our lifetimes by an extended shot. To be honest, that is a bubble and there is a number of fraud jumbled together. We examine many initiatives. And a few get funded, and they actually look like Ponzis.”

Mike Novogratz emphasized that there were many bubbles within the past around progressive and revolutionary technologies including the internet. The dotcom bubble for example puffed up initiatives by huge margins, with numerous organizations promoting at billions of dollars by owning a website or an internet commercial enterprise. However, the net itself was evidently not a bubble. It has transformed each business in the world by revolutionizing conversation and processing of data. There was a bubble around net, as proven via the dotcom era, but the technology itself was not a bubble, a fraud.


The dotcom surrounding the net technology is just like non-huge and scam-like initiatives surrounding bitcoin and the worldwide digital currency marketplace. There exists many fraudulent organizations in the digital currency marketplace, which function like Ponzi schemes, but there are some initiatives that actually compliment bitcoin by offering technology or solutions the blockchain network presently lacks, like Ethereum.

Mike Novogratz stated:

“Traditionally, manias or bubbles occur around things that basically change the manner we live. If it’s the railroad bubble or the net bubble, it actually modified the way we live.”

Moreover, as Citigroup’s current research found out, if a few analysts decide to explain bitcoin itself as a bubble, actually each technology, organization, and asset that show huge profits also are bubbles. During the past years, analysts claimed Amazon, Tesla, FB, United Kingdom properties, second hand cars, and different kinds of investments are bubbles. The Citigroup research paper emphasized that if bitcoin is taken into consideration a bubble, everything else is a bubble as well.

Mike Novogratz

In countries like South Korea, the third biggest bitcoin marketplace at the back of the United States and Japan, a short-term bubble has shaped due to the tendency of the country’s conventional finance marketplace to put money into any famous asset, which rises in value at an exponential rate. Korbit founder and chief executive Officer, Tony Lyu, stated in an interview with Nathaniel Poppers that South Korean traders have a tendency to join the party as soon as others are invested.

During the last few weeks, children and teens within the South Korean bitcoin marketplace have bought the digital currency with the finances of their dad and mom without their authorization and suffered main losses because the rate of bitcoin corrected. Middle-aged and antique traders who’ve no underlying knowledge in digital currencies and bitcoin have begun to put money into bitcoin out of pure speculation, with none regards to the future increase trend of bitcoin and its use case.

Within the mid to long-term, these short-term buys and small bubbles will burn up, via rate corrections. If bitcoin itself is a bubble, it should not be capable of resist main corrections that arise at least two times on a monthly basis, as traders and the marketplace fail to conform to the increasing value of bitcoin. Bitcoin has suffered many corrections during its nine-year history and via that, it is unexpectedly evolving into a more mature and liquid store of value.


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