The Russian Government is Testing Blockchain for Document Management System

An anti-trust agency at intervals the Russian government is testing a blockchain-based document management system. Named Digital system, the project is aimed toward developing tools, which will increase the speed, responsibility and quality of interaction throughout document exchange.

The country’s Federal fair Service is functioning aboard Sberbank to develop it. In line with Sberbank, and other corporations as Aeroflot, the biggest airline carrier in Russia, are also involved.


The deputy chief of Federal fair Service, Andrey Tsarikovsky, mentioned that the project points to a possible reduction within the value of managing and exchanging documents.

Andrey Tsarikovsky said:

“This centrifugal approach cuts prices because processing centers aren’t needed and therefore the necessities for instrumentality protection are down. It’s noteworthy that Russia is one in every of the primary countries within the world wherever the state and market participants are staring at these innovations as the simplest way to change business operations.”

The trial is one among the most notable to emerge from the country so far, returning amid continuing dialogue at intervals the government on the topic of control alleged cash surrogates, a designation which might embody bitcoin.

However, that hasn’t stopped government offices on each the native and national level from testing the tech, as shown by the Federal fair Service’ trial. In August, the capital of the Russian Federation government same that it absolutely was staring at blockchain as an attainable suggests that to forestall citizen fraud.


The project is additionally the most recent signal that Sberbank, one among the most important monetary establishments, is taking a significant investigate the technology.

The bank may be a member of the UNIX operating system Foundation-led Hyperledger blockchain project and in the past has indicated its interest in cooperative blockchain efforts aboard different corporations in Russia likewise. Last year, a venture fund backed by Sberbank same it absolutely was keeping a watch out for attainable investments within the blockchain area.


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