The New Bitcoin Scam for ITunes Gift Cards

Using Reddit for Bitcoin-related activity is a superb way to meet similar individuals. However as is the case with any on-line platform, there are continuously criminals lurking within the shadows. One user tried to sell US$500 price of Itunes gift cards on Reddit in exchange for Bitcoin. Whereas he was scammed, he did get his revenge on the offender yet.

To put things into perspective, buying or merchandising digital product on-line perpetually carries a specific risk. That’s the worth one could pay money for managing anonymous entities. The vendor of those Itunes gift cards won’t forget that story thus quickly, as he nearly lost lots of cash by trusting somebody.


His US$500 price of ITunes cards was purchased for US$380 price of Bitcoin, a sweet discounted deal each parties may conform to. The massive downside arose once it came to who would “go first’ in causation the digital product. The reputation on the web could be a valuable commodity, because it is definitely earned but laborious to reconstruct once it is gone.

Things got even messier once the client needed to possess the cards shipped to a pretend address. The Bitcoin payment ne’er arrived, and therefore the purchaser had deleted his Reddit account all of an explosive. Not a good way to be entangled in Bitcoin for the primary time once a trade goes awry. Nevertheless, the gift card vendor wasn’t attending to chalk this up a loss simply yet. When conducting some analysis, he detected the buyer’s name, his city, and the IP address. Keeping in mind how all of this info is publically accessible on the web, no black-market strategies were wont to get these details.


Granted, the public would not undergo all of the difficulty to search out all of those details and simply file a police report. Unfortunately, law enforcement can do nothing regarding these claims, as they’re not definitely worth the problem. Conducting a decent recent Google search will reveal lots of information concerning a personal, especially with public social media profiles.

After a trifle of back-and-forth communication between the vendor, scammer, and his family, the deal was ended. US$380 price of Bitcoin was finally transferred into his account. It took a little while to induce everything sorted, but this story goes to indicate scamming on the web can get you obscurity. Sellers and patrons should use an escrow service to settle their agreements, instead of blindly causation merchandise or cash.


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