The First Bitcoin Lobby Group in German Parliament

Germany has obtained its personal Bitcoin government lobby group the Bitcoin Bundesverband, the Germany’s first dedicated to digital currency. The legitimate founding of the lobby group occurred on the German parliament building, the Bundestag.

Fabian Vogelsteller posted in Twitter on June 29:

“We’re founding the Blockchain Bundesverband e.V. in the Bundestag.”

German Parliament

Press representative, Radoslav Albrecht, stated:

“We support the nonetheless nascent financial shift focused on the software of decentralized Blockchain via expertise, public works and our network. The group is based in Berlin and is organized on a voluntary foundation.”

Germany has hitherto had little publicity to Blockchain and digital currency related innovation, due in part to a combined legislative landscape. The status quo is slowly changing, and the presence of the Bundesverband within the heart of the political center of Germany should nicely be motive for celebration.


The attempt is spearheaded by different German Bitcoin commercial enterprise figures such as Oliver Flaskämper from, Germany’s first regulated marketplace. The collective has in truth existed for numerous years in several forms.



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