South Korea Will Permit Bitcoin Firms for International Money Transfers

The South Korean government will issue allows to financial technology companies such as bitcoin mediated foreign currency transfer offerings to allow global money transfers for small finances.

In August 15, about forty financial technology companies are predicted to release worldwide money transfer offerings after receiving allows from the financial Supervisory service, South Korea’s monetary regulator. The permitted quantity for a one-off transfer through a financial technology company can be $3000 or much less. The annual restriction for a single account will be capped at $20000 for transfers via economic technology companies.

South Korea

In May, the South Korean authorities moved to lower the regulatory burden for foreign money transfer startups. There are at least twenty financial technology organizations in South Korea, who use bitcoin for foreign currency transfer offerings for South Korean residents.

A revision to the foreign exchange Transactions Act, which went into impact this month, will see Korean financial technology companies required to keep one billion won in equity capital, in opposition to the previous minimum of over two billion won, to provide overseas currency transfers in Korea. Significantly, not one of the twenty-bitcoin remittance organizations were able to meet the earlier criteria.


Conventional bank remittance offerings, via swift, usually from three to four business days between payment and settlement and could incur up to six percent of the remittance in expenses. whilst PayPal and other ‘modern’ wire transfer offerings have considerably faster offerings with quite less expensive expenses, a bitcoin-based remittance company will guarantee same-day foreign transfers with fees at one percent of the transaction or much less.

The several advantages of bitcoin-based remittance have even caused monetary giant Shinhan bank launching a bitcoin-backed remittance service for the Korea-China corridor in 2016. A typical transfer will see Shinhan bank transfer the sender’s transfer value to a digital exchange in Hong Kong in which it is going to be converted to bitcoins. These bitcoins and then sent to a China’s exchange, in which they’re to be transformed back to China’s fiat earlier than the recipient receives the finances.


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