Shinhan Bank Will Launch Bitcoin Remittance Service

Shinhan Bank recently declared that they’ll be providing bitcoin remittance services for the Korea-China passageway beginning in December. The event marks the primary time that any major bank has declared a Bitcoin worth transfer system.

Seoul based Shinhan Bank has over 8,531 staff at 723 branches and assets of over 285 trillion Korean won unfold across one hundred forty overseas networks in nineteen countries round the world. The bank has won various awards within the Asian banking sector, together with last year’s Best retail bank.

Shinhan Bank

The new money transferring service is powered by Streami, a self-declared, Blockchain remittance middleware and below supplier for monetary service suppliers. Streami moves worth between countries by causing bitcoin between approved partners, that saves customers time and cash as bitcoin is sent at intervals a couple of minutes with fees that are orders of magnitude smaller than those charged by incumbent money transferring networks.

Streami chief executive officer, Junhaeng Lee, launched the corporate last year to specifically target the Korean-Chinese remittance passageway, but the Harvard-educated, former McKinsey advisor told BNC that the corporate is already performing on alternative corridors with accredited partners.

The startup won an incubator program early in 2015, pass by Shinhan’s Future science lab, that cause the bank finance five hundred million Korean won within the startup through an instantaneous stock purchase. Lee and his team secured an extra US$2 million in seed funding last December.

Junhaeng Lee, Streami chief executive officer, said:

“At the moment we are only handling the degree out of Shinhan Bank. We decide to expand into the incoming ASAP but it’ll take it slow given the bank pace in system integration & compliance approvals.”


It would be arduous to search out a rustic with higher access to bitcoins than South Korea. On top of many common bitcoin exchanges, residents relish a network of over 17,000 ATM machines and 24,000 convenience stores where they will obtain bitcoins face to face.

The Korean government looks to own noticed all of the bitcoin activity furthermore, having recently declared that they’ll be provision their own cryptocurrency based on blockchain technologies within the next few years. However, the currency laws in Korea should be modified before any digital currency could be a legal suggests that of payment, and the financial Services Commission recently declared a concept to commit cryptocurrencies by 2017.

Until digital currency transactions become legal, Streami are going to be transferring cash to one of the Bitcoin exchanges in port, which can forward bitcoins to a collaborating Chinese Bitcoin exchange that converts it to native currency for the recipient.

Junhaeng Lee noted:

“We aren’t addicted to one or two exchanges. We are using several regulated exchange for on-ramping.”


With such nice access to buying bitcoins, so several Filipino employees there remitting their earnings back to the Philippines, Korea has become a significant hub for bitcoin remittances. Payphil, and Hyphen, and Coinplug, are all Korean bitcoin-transferring competitors that do steady business-sending cash over the Philippines to Korea passageway. every has its’ own set of nations that they provide services for, and everyone are going to be competitors of Shinhan’s remittance service once it arrives in December.

Meanwhile, Bloom Solutions, Rebit, and Sentbe are Filipino startups doing constant from their finish, causing and receiving cash from Korea. In September, it had been claimed that over twenty percent of the whole Korean to Philippines corridor is already using some kind of bitcoin remittance service.


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