Samsung is Creating ASIC Chips For Bitcoin Mining

Samsung, the biggest organization in South Korea that’s responsible for a huge part of the South Korea’s economic system, has begun the manufacturing phase of bitcoin and digital currency mining device and ASIC mining chips. Samsung collaborated with a China’s bitcoin mining equipment producer remaining 12 months and completed the development of its ASIC chips. Samsung, which operates one of the biggest semi-conductor production plants within the world, will manufacture and deliver digital currency mining device to the China’s marketplace first.

within the long-term, Samsung plans to expand its mining device venture from China to different areas like South Korea and Japan which have a stronger demand for digital currencies than different nations. A Samsung spokesperson informed South Korean media that the organization would function a foundry to manufacture mining device and to in shape the supply asked by the China’s bitcoin mining company it has collaborated with. However, Samsung stated it’ll focus its project on concentrated on the China’s marketplace and due to Samsung has just began its foundry commercial enterprise, it isn’t unsure of the sales its mining venture can generate.


A spokesperson stated:

“Samsung is running a foundry that supplies a China’s digital currency mining company with mining device and ASIC chips. Since, Samsung has started its digital currency mining project, it is unsure of the sales it may generate from it.”

In the approaching months, Samsung additionally intends to producer GPU miners for miners focused on small digital currencies. Samsung has a huge-scale and complex semi-conductor production plants that are able to matching orders of any size. Since remaining 12 months, Samsung has been the only dealer of OLED screens for Apple’s iPhone X manufacturing line, as it has been the only organization this is able to match the supply needed by Apple.

Even as Apple has invested numerous billions of dollars in Samsung’s competitor LG to manufacture OLED screens, no organization has been capable of match Samsung in production chips and digital additives. Presently, Taiwan’s TSMC stays as the only main semi-conductor production company and foundry operator to assist a main bitcoin mining equipment producer in Bitmain. The entrance of Samsung within the worldwide digital currency mining area could offer Bitmain and its companion organization TSMC their first real competitor.


Hwang Min-seong, an analyst at Samsung Securities, informed South Korean media stores that Samsung will be capable of raise its sales via ASIC chip production. However, until the organization expands its venture across the world, it’ll be tough for Samsung’s ASIC chip production division to have a main effect on the sales of Samsung Electronics.

He noted:

“Samsung Electronics could raise its revenues via ASIC chip production but due to the foundry just accounts for a small part of the organization’s semi-conductor production plant, it is hard to expect that the company’s mining project will have a huge effect on the organization’s revenues.”


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