Russia Makes Decision to Extradite Alleged Bitcoin Money Launderer, Alexander Vinnik

Russia’s foreign ministry has sharply criticized a Greek Court’s choice to extradite Alexander Vinnik to the United States for his alleged role in laundering finances via the BTC-e bitcoin and digital currency exchange. However, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs noted that they mentioned with regret that the court opted to conform to the United States’ extradition request for Alexander Vinnik, who was arrested in Greece in July and was accused of laundering billions of dollars in bitcoin via the digital currency exchange.

United States of America prosecutors later charged each Alexander Vinnik and BTC-e, with FinCEN handing down a one hundred ten million dollars after the sealed indictment was unveiled. HOWEVER then, Alexander Vinnik has remained in Greece pending the results of the extradition process. Throughout that time, the Russian authorities moved to extradite Alexander Vinnik on unrelated expenses.


Nowadays, Alexander Vinnik has maintained that he’s innocent of the expenses, although he claims to have worked for BTC-e within the past. BTC-e has denied Vinnik’s involvement and, because United States marketers seized the bitcoin and digital currency exchange’s web site domain, has moved to set up a new digital currency exchange. However, this week’s ruling by a Greek judge was met with dismay by the Russian foreign ministry, which in an announcement advised the court to rethink the choice.

The Russian government stated:

“We deem the decision unjust and a contravention of worldwide regulation. A request from the Russian Prosecutor general’s office on extraditing Mr Vinnik to Russia was submitted to the Greek government. Based on criminal precedent, the Russian request should take priority as Mr Vinnik is a citizen of Russia.”

Alexander Vinnik

The statement considerably makes no mention of BTC-e or the particular crimes for which Alexander Vinnik has been accused. That stated, it does make note that Vinnik’s legal team will appeal the choice, probably leaving it as much as the Greek Justice Ministry to determine on wherein the Russian countrywide will be dispatched. The foreign ministry additionally expressed desire that Alexander Vinnik will ultimately be extradited to Russia.

The ministry stated:

“We hope the Greek government will keep in mind the Russian Prosecutor general’s office request, and Russia’s reasoning, and act in strict compliance with global regulation.”


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