Wat moet weten voordat Bitcoin Fork

Bitcoin is op weg naar een vork op augustus 1. Of dat gebeurt zeker nog te bezien, maar als het niet, en ook u bewaren bitcoin, er zijn een aantal dingen die je wilt in gedachten te houden. Eerste, beginning August 1, mining pool ViaBTC will provide miners who’re part of its pool the option to direct their computing power to a new, arguable software customer called Bitcoin ABC.

Should sufficient miners take up on that option, the end result might be a permanent divergence within the bitcoin blockchain technology and the development of a brand new cryptocurrency called Bitcoin cash. Proposed by developer Amaury Séchet, Bitcoin ABC is an alternative protocol in order to increase bitcoin’s transaction capability. The consumer increases bitcoin’s block size parameter to eight MB and eliminates the long-debated code optimization Segregated Witness, because of activate on the primary bitcoin blockchain later in August.

Of the more than twenty bitcoin mining pools, ViaBTC is the pool to publicly assist Bitcoin ABC, thus far. Even though most bitcoin developers, entrepreneurs and customers seem uninterested in moving over to Bitcoin ABC, the new protocol isn’t without eager supporters, which makes it difficult to inform what exactly will occur. We do not know, , how much mining power will visit the new blockchain, whether the fork will result in something long lasting or if the new cryptocurrency will fall into decline because of lack of assist. Earlier than those questions are responded, here are some necessities to keep in thoughts.


A hard fork is a permanent divergence within the blockchain. A new software customer is provided, in, Bitcoin ABC. A few nodes will improve to the new customer, but others will not. Due to bitcoin is decentralized; it is going to be up to each person to decide on his or her own which software to run. Once the primary block is mined with the new regulations, different miners may also decide to move their computing power over to the brand new chain and construct on that initial block. If enough miners start to move over, that is in which a possible split could appear.

Even though, the original bitcoin chain will probably have the majority hash power and grow at a quicker rate, the overall result could be blockchains. Each chains will share the equal beginning and history up to the point in which they diverge. Bovendien, from there on separate networks will exist. Relying on the quantity of computing power in the back of it, Bitcoin ABC could grow to become a serious contender within the cryptocurrency area. Aan de andere kant, if the miners assisting it transfer back to the dominant chain, Bitcoin ABC can also become nothing more than a distant memory in the ongoing saga of bitcoin.

As the networks are separate, it’ll make no difference how much mining power gets diverted to the smaller chain. Bitcoin ABC will live on, even if it has just a fragment of the computing power of the bigger bitcoin chain.

While the bitcoin splits, the result can be two sets of tokens: bitcoin on the original blockchain, and bitcoin cash on the new blockchain. Everybody who holds bitcoins earlier than the split will successfully hold coins on each chains after the split. In deze situatie, everybody keeping bitcoin tokens at the original chain will end up with the equal quantity of bitcoin cash on the opposite.


Your bitcoin will be safe, but if you need to ensure you’ll additionally have access to your bitcoin cash, you need to test with your exchange to see what their policy is. The most secure plan is to ensure you have manage of your non-public keys earlier than the split. Whether it is worth it to do so may be up to every consumer. Echter, if you suppose bitcoin cash will have no value, assume once more. Bitcoin cash futures are presently buying and selling at $275 on ViaBTC’s exchange.

So long as you have manage of your non-public keys earlier than August 1 you’ll most probably have access to the bitcoin cash you’re entitled to after the split. If you leave your bitcoin in a web exchange, that exchange can be in control of your bitcoin. To manipulate your keys, one option is to move your cash to hardware wallet, including Trezor or Ledger, which maintains your keys on a secure USB tool. alternatief, you may download a mobile wallet software program, such Airbitz or Mycelium. Echter, be careful. A few mobile wallets, such as Electrum and GreenAddress, have stated they’ll not assist bitcoin cash.

Btcforkmonitor is one web site tracking potential bitcoin forks. If it detects a fork, a red notification guarantees to pop up at the top of the internet site. Developers of the site are running each Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin core nodes to compare the two customers and spot what number of blocks are on one chain versus the other. niettemin, since btcforkmonitor is an unbiased internet site and the data it offers may or won’t be correct. Zo, unless you need to run your personal a hundred and fifty GB Bitcoin ABC complete node, it is probably an excellent concept to check with other sources, including different people running full nodes, and comply with their updates on social media.


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