MegaUpload 2.0 and BitCache will take Bitcoin Mainstream

As the trial of Kim Dotcom versus surrender by the United States Thought Police continues in New Zealand, Dotcom is ever optimistic and is formation ahead along with his business plans. He is creating important progress on his MegaUpload2 and BitCache program, job it not simply a website or application however a movement.

bitcache & megaupload

Many in the Bitcoin community worry concerning Bitcoin’s ability to crossover into the thought, if it’ll ever happen, and might the protocol handle the dealings flow. Kim Dotcom says his new BitCache could be a lock to require Bitcoin to new heights, a minimum of supported his diary, listing, that he says numbers two hundred million MegaUpload Version One users, and innovative style.

BitCache is intended to create on-line file sharing and micro transactions for those files on following Bitcoin thought application for 2017, if not sooner. Since the Bitcoin Blockchain is troubled to handle the dealings volume it presently enjoys, a brand new system for off-chain Bitcoin transactions ought to be made, and Kim Dotcom calls it BitCache.

Kim Dotcom says that since the Blockchain cannot handle the Bitcoin business, his project can deliver. Millionns of micro transactions are going to be handled off-chain, at a median or default dealings value of $0.05, one thing presently not possible with bequest merchandiser banking tools on the market to the typical webmaster.

Each user ought to be able to have a natural level of protection within the proven fact that their total account balance would be solely some dollars, not attracting a hack attack into their account. The funds would be introduced again to the Bitcoin Blockchain once the user is prepared to live, or anytime at the user’s discretion.

Kim Dotcom said:

“I need to require Bitcoin thought. Try to do that, we want to possess a very powerful, in style website which will carry Bitcoin to subsequent level, and that I believe that MegaUpload2 are often that website. I feel at some purpose, we are going to have many mlns of users. MegaUpload is quite a business; it’s a movement.”


Some might dismiss Kim Dotcom as a swellhead who is simply publicizing a brand new business venture, but his diary will provide him quality. His original MegaUpload was valued at $2.4 billionn before the U.S. Government took down the location. He told he was doing elaborated valuations at the time because he was six months from going public through a mercantilism.

His current fundraising effort on BnkToTheFuture for MegaUpload2 and BitCache is additionally going on well, reaching the halfway purpose to its $1 million minimum target, paid to this point completely by investors in Bitcoin. Kim Dotcom had needed investors to use Bitcoin completely in deference to the crucial nature of the localized cryptocurrency. On Tuesday, they began permitting bank wire transfers to ease the method for those funded but unable to quickly or simply gain Bitcoins because of having no expertise in the house. The pitch can take Bitcoin and bank transfer donations through October twenty fourth.

Kim Dotcom noted:

“It’s concerning quite sharing files. It’s concerning web freedom. It’s concerning technology providing United States with our basic human rights that the laws aren’t protective any longer. We are using technology to create certain that users will move in private, that their files don’t seem to be intercepted and spied on, and it’s happening with Bitcoin. I need Bitcoin to be subsequent huge issue, method larger than it already is. I need to try and do that for Bitcoiners, and if you facilitate me assist you, we’ll have a win-win state of affairs.”


The ever-multi-tasking Kim Dotcom additionally uses his in style Twitter account with over half 1,000,000 followers to travel once the U.S. through social media. He has return up with a few of various polls to evaluate the image of the United States and its government, and the results were somewhat embarrassing. He asked who would you vote for because the forty fifth President of the United States, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

And once it involves his supporters’ vote on the United States’ international image, over 3000 folks spoke up with a but a glowing endorsement. Whereas the U.S. accurately might represent all of the higher than, the tongue-in-cheek poll drew an equally controversial response, with very little ambiguity shown:

“Based on the United States of America Presidential race however would you describe the United States on the planet stage today?”


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