Main Restaurants in Portsmouth Now Accepting Bitcoin

New Hampshire is a small state in the northeastern United States but people there prefer to use the new technologies like Bitcoin and Blockchain and to move along with technological development. Bitcoin users in the New Hampshire try to change local business and help it to accept bitcoin, the anonymity independence-oriented cryptocurrency, will help native businesses to get more profits and social benefits as well as to attract new customers.


There are a lot of different restaurants in Portsmouth with a very diverse menu, which will be very delicious for anyone. Street in the West End of Portsmouth now accepting bitcoins as a way of payment for everything on their menu, from Empanadas to Lamb Shawarma to Bibimbap and Singapore dish. All this gives people a chance to pay for any meal at any restaurants without exchanging money for the local currency, which will attract more new tourist and Bitcoin users to visit New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is on the forefront of free market principles in cash and currency, with thousands of sensible individuals moving here to celebrate the liberty and prosperity. Bitcoin users in the New Hampshire want to change their hometown and make it more open to innovation and the latest technological developments.

One of Bitcoin users, Steven, said:

”What a treat it is to pay free market cash right in my home city and support native service individuals and entrepreneurs in making such a fine feeding experience.”


The wonderful man who made this bitcoin event happen at Street claims that their Sunday brunch is the best in all of Portsmouth. We can just hope that it is only the begining of accepting Bitcoin in different business spheres and Portsmouth is one of the best example of the Bitcoin acceptation. If you want to support Steven in spreading bitcoin? Just send him bitcoin to



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