Main Digital Currency Exchanges Reduce Bitcoin Withdrawal Fees Because of Segregated Witness

A number of the biggest digital currency exchanges within the international marketplace such as Binance and Kraken have halved bitcoin withdrawal expenses because of the growing adoption of scaling solution and transaction malleability repair Segregated Witness. Remaining week, Coinbase, one of main bitcoin brokerage and wallet platform with over twelve million customers, alongside with one of the largest bitcoin digital currency exchange Bitfinex enabled Segregated Witness and transaction batching, to seriously reduce bitcoin transaction expenses and relieve congestion on the bitcoin blockchain network.

On February 23, Coinbase vice president Dan Romero mentioned that the organization could also concentrate on the improvement and integration of growing technologies and second-layer solutions like Lightning.

Dan Romero stated:

“New technologies which require Segregated Witness, like the Lightning network, have the ability to significantly raise the usefulness of Bitcoin as a payment network and gain clients. We presently have a dedicated full-time software engineer operating on open source contributions to the Lightning network.”


From then, the adoption of Segregated Witness has risen from thirteen percent to nearly thirty percent, by almost three-fold within a period of numerous days. As the biggest bitcoin wallet platform within the globe, Coinbase accounts for a huge part of bitcoin’s every day transaction quantity. The integration of Segregated Witness by Blockchain, the second biggest bitcoin wallet platform within the marketplace, is predicted to grow Segregated Witness adoption further, within the short-term. Binance, the largest digital currency and bitcoin exchange within the globe marketplace with a $1.9 billion every day buying and selling quantity, alongside with the biggest San Francisco-based bitcoin and digital currency buying and selling platform, Kraken, halved bitcoin withdrawal expenses, because of the fast adoption of Segregated Witness and reducing transaction fees.

On March 1, Kraken noted that effective immediately, withdrawal expenses on Bitcoin are decreased to 0.0005, and withdrawal expenses on Bitcoin cash are decreased to 0.0001. On March 2, following the path of Kraken, Binance stated that it is satisfied to announce a fifty percent reduction in Bitcoin withdrawal fees. However, Bitcoin withdrawal fees are just 0.0005 Bitcoin. If more digital currency exchanges processing billions of dollars in worth of trades on an everyday foundation keep integrating Segregated Witness and transaction batching, within the short-term, bitcoin transaction expenses could drop considerably.

Segregated Witness

Even though the expenses of bitcoin could increase once more as its price spikes after a long recovery and its transaction quantity surges to its preceding stages, Segregated Witness and transaction batching are predicted to work as short-term solutions, even as developers and organizations are looking for integrating 2nd-layer scaling solutions. Peter Todd, a bitcoin developer and respected cryptography representative, mentioned that the integration of Lightning network might become too complicated. Moreover, the modern implementation of Lightning might be at risk of DoS attacks.

Peter Todd said:

“As for the Lightning protocol, I’m willing to expect it’ll show to be vulnerable to DoS attacks in its modern incarnation, both at the P2P and blockchain level. Even as bad politics, specializing in centralized hub-and-spoke payment channels first might have been less difficult.”

Therefore, if creators and organizations keep to move down the path of Lightning to scale the Bitcoin network, it’ll require huge work by both the organizations and builders within the open-source community of bitcoin to almost enforce Lightning.


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