Novi Bitcoin Skaliranje rješenja SegWit2MB i Produžni Blokovi

Postoje dvije nove skaliranja rješenja, Segregirani Svjedok 2MB i proširenje bloka postaje sve popularnija svaki dan, i oni su uzimajući puno pažnje s Bitcoin je poznatih imena.

Segregirani implementacija Svjedok sa 2-megabajt blokova, sama nije nova ideja, is collecting prominence now after Bitcoin protection engineer Sergio Lerner added it to the core mailing list. Even as not an ideal solution either technically or politically, Sergio Lerner said, it goes a few way in the direction of being a compromise in a more and more stagnant scaling debate impasse.


ShapeShift chief executive Officer, Erik Voorhees, wrote in an article how the stability among social and technical in Bitcoin could stay with Segregated Witness 2MB.

Erik Voorhees said:

“We should not allow this venture linger in its modern state. Segregated Witness 2MB is the primary reasonable compromise, thinking about the deadlock’s technical and social factors, simply put forth in code, based on popular and studied essential components from best Bitcoin’s engineers.”

Međutim, Bitcoin core developer, Nick Szabo, posted in Twitter on April 3:

@dieguito @ErikVoorhees @adam3us @aantonop @johnsonlau01 @SDLerner @brucefenton it tries to appease an ignorant mob at further cost to Bitcoin’s security.

segregirani svjedoka

Međutim, buying gateway is championing a special approach for solving Bitcoin’s alleged potential problems. Chief technology officer, Christopher Jeffrey, and his group are operating on a way called extension blocks.

The weblog post on the concept stated:

“Extension Blocks allow larger blocks via an opt-in second layer for true on-chain ability growth.

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