Munja mreža će visoko centraliziran

Bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen has mentioned that he believes the Lightning network can be very centralized whilst it finally rolls out. In a series of tweets Tuesday, Andresen, who has become a source of statement on the development of the Bitcoin network, noted that he was normal with the Lightning prognosis.


Gavin Andresen published in Twitter on August 16:

I predict Lightning network will be incredibly centralized in practice big hubs at wallets and exchanges will dominate. I’m good enough with that, too.

A preceding message had made comparable assertions about Blockstream’s newly revealed plans to broadcast Bitcoin transactions through satellite from space. Međutim, Andresen won assist from Litecoin author Charlie Lee. The feedback present an unusual view of the Lightning network, the advantages of which have been one of the most uniting elements at the back of the Bitcoin network locking in Segregated Witness August 9.

Gavin Andresen

Anticipation is extensively strong, as seen in Bitcoin’s next upward price movement, which started in the run-up to the lock-in, date and continued via this week. Known as layer two solutions, of which Lightning is one, are taken into consideration to work great for the Bitcoin network as soon as Segregated Witness is already activated.

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