Internal Revenue Service ne bi trebao nagaziti Bitcoin korisnika

Bitcoin korisnici suočavaju sve veći pritisak od Internal Revenue Service otkriti osobne podatke koje nisu povezane s porezne svrhe. To slijedi najnovije Internal Revenue Service poziv spram Bitcoin trgovca Coinbase, calling for the required series of particular user information.

U 2015, the Internal Revenue Service concluded that bitcoin holders may fail, or may also have failed, to conform with one or more provisions of the internal revenue regulations and that the solution was to demand all united states consumer information from Coinbase that consist of transaction records, IP addresses and transcripts with user support. This comes in spite of the Internal Revenue Service having failed to offer exhaustive manual for bitcoin proprietors since classifying the cryptocurrency as assets, subject to property tax laws.

Internal Revenue Service

Perianne Boring, President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce mentioned that if the Internal Revenue Service succeeds in violating client privateness, this would set a horrible precedent. She noted that many bitcoin companies and customers are afraid to speak out due to the fear of being immediately targeted by the Internal Revenue Service.

Brian Armstrong, Coinbase founder stated:

“Asking for particular transaction data on so many people, surely for using cryptocurrency, is a violation of their privateness, and isn’t the excellent way for us to perform our mutual goal. By taking action this is overly broad the Inner Revenue Service incorrectly implies that all customers of cryptocurrency are evading taxes.”

Bitcoin advocacy organizations have emerged in reaction to this, calling on federal and nation governments to offer a better regulatory and taxation framework for cryptocurrencies.

The Digital Assets Tax Policy Coalition has been created to create powerful and effective tax regulations for the developing cryptocurrency markets. The Blockchain Alliance has likewise been facilitated to open debate among the personal and public sectors about digital property and Blockchain technology.


Bridging the gap among authorities’ hurdles and a business that has risen to $20 billion in marketplace value is increasingly important for all stakeholders. A latest business Intelligence Insider report suggests that the modern complexity of the United States regulatory system is a main problem to the improvement of a coherent financial technology coverage. osim toga, it concludes that without permitting virtual trade to obtain a scale necessary for success, the United States will keep falling behind the United Kingdom and some regions of Europe.

Developing a taxation framework that is stable and standardized, adaptable to virtual tendencies, and maintains fundamental privacy requirements is key to the wider improvement of the United States bitcoin business.

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