Bitfinex Ukradeni Sredstva se kreće

Ever since the Bitfinex, famous Bitcoin exchange, became hacked in last year 2016, people had been thinking what happened to the finances. Stealing $70 million worth of Bitcoin is one aspect, however spending or changing it to fiat currency might be very difficult. It appears a portion of the finances has been moved to a new account, even though nobody knows for certain what the final aim could be. U isto vrijeme, the Bitfinex offering this information wants to show their Bitcoin transaction-tracking provider is running great.

It’s been a while since the Bitcoin community last heard from the individual answerable for stealing $70 million well worth of bitcoin from the Bitfinex. It seems that a small part of stolen funds is transferring, because the attacker initiated a 153 Bitcoins transfer. It is unclear where the finds has been moved to, as that information was not supplied for today.


Scorechain is the organization who alerted the Bitcoin community to this transfer. This organization focuses on studying Bitcoin transactions to create trustworthy surroundings. Scorechain specializes in compliance techniques. Stoga, this is one of the many offerings looking to link bitcoin transactions with real identities. An effective tool for crime preventing, even though it remains to be seen how valid the information is.

Scorechain published in Twitter:

BREAKING news @bitfinex attacker moved the previous day at least 153 BTC – 137 000$ s 38 transactions #Cybercrime #BitcoinTracking #BitcoinAML

The entity called Bitfinex attacker has initiated this 137 Bitcoin transfer. At current costs, which means $137,000 worth of cryptocurrency is on the move. Međutim, the organization did not inform us where this fund is nowadays. It is possible that the attacker will look to transform this money to fiat currency within the coming days. Doing so, will be very hard.

While one targets to trade bitcoin for a national currency, there’s no way to skip identity verification strategies. Traditional currency exchanges require a passport scan and a software invoice. The usage of Bitcoin ATMs is restricted to small amounts of cash in a day, and typically includes having to scan one’s identification card as well. Even peer-to-peer Bitcoin income can be hard to pursue, as finding a consumer willing to pay $137,000 in money is almost not possible.



A more likely scenario is how these finances could be laundered via one of the many Bitcoin blending offerings available nowadays. Even though this type of huge-scale transfer requires a huge quantity of trust on behalf of the attacker. osim toga, the question becomes which of the mixing offerings would be capable of accommodating such a huge bitcoin transfer without having to delay the process by numerous days.

Međutim, the larger question remains if the information supplied by Scorechain is valid. A whole list of Bitfinex-related transactions and addresses has been put together some months in the past. Sve u svemu, it stays doubtful if this correlated with what Scorechain is telling us. The organization did not offer particular details, aside from displaying his the Bitfinex attacker entity has a complete of 2,072 addresses being monitored right now.



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