Bitcoin Mining To Reach New sve-vrijeme visoke

One of the recent things happened in Bitcoin environment is that the hashrate maintains to grow. It is only to be expected the mining difficulty keeps growing too. Earlier this morning, the difficulty of Bitcoin grow by 7.43%. The adjustment marks a new all-time high for mining ever since bitcoin launch. New hardware seems to be coming on-line at an increased pace.

One has to wonder who is bringing additional bitcoin mining hardware on-line nowadays. The apparent choice could be hardware producers, even though that is not necessarily a given. Considering how the correlation among others mining pools has not modified, it is hard to determine where the hashrate is pointing at. Antpool and F2Pool continue to be the two biggest pools, followed by BitFury and ViaBTC.

Mining Difficulty

It is possible ViaBTC have obtained some new mining hardware. Assist for Bitcoin unlimited seems to be increasing as of late. ViaBTC is the biggest pool supporting BU. It might make sense to see them growing their hashpower. ViaBTC sits at 10.7% of the network hashpower, in comparison to 8.9% 4 days ago.

It is possible some of miners have switched allegiances with regards to mining pools. Antpool has received a few hashpower as well, going up from 15% do 19.3% during the last few days. F2pool is dipping slightly, even though that isn’t unusual too. The largest losses come for BTCC, as their hashpower has almost been reduce in half. BTCC mining just has 4% of the network hashrate, compared to 7.6% some days in the past.

With the bitcoin mining difficulty growing, mining becomes even less worthwhile for smaller operations. Relying on how much one will pay for power, the prices can quickly outpace the rewards. For producers of hardware, that isn’t so huge problem. Smaller miners may also begin switching off their machines within the coming weeks if this trend continues to grow up.


It appears this mining difficulty growth is a result of the increase in SPV mining. By shopping hardware which could just mine SHA-256 and do nothing else, the network is receiving an influx of recent hashpower at an increased pace. This practice has gotten quite terrible interest among bitcoin miners, even though. Jiang Zhuo’er, who seems intent on destroying the bitcoin network over time, creates this plan.

About weeks ago, the bitcoin mining difficulty went up by 16.64% as well. Setting new all-time highs each weeks is quite exciting for the bitcoin environment. Međutim, it remains to be seen if a new high can be set in several weeks from now. If more hardware comes on-line to mine, that seems to be a foregone end.

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