Bitcoin Razmjena ne može funkcionirati bez propisa

Direktor Narodne banke Kine je prolio svjetlo na neke njegove perspektive cirkulirajućih Bitcoin nakon najnovijih regulatornog nadzora HNB-a na Bitcoin burzama. U prevedenom sažetku objavljenom u Twitter Zhou Xuedong, stated that the main part of Bitcoin traders are young people and that some trading systems falsified volume trying to attract more funding.

After the United States Securities and Exchange Commission refused to approve the Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund created by famous Winklevoss twins, Zhou Xuedong noted that Bitcoin exchanges in China could not work without any regulations. U siječnju, it was stated that the People’s Bank of China had performed assessments on main Chinese Bitcoin exchanges such as BTCC, OKCoin and Huobi.

Narodna banka Kine

A lot of people believes that the increased value within the cryptocurrency was attracting the attention of government because it was trying to decrease capital outflows, which were occurring via the cryptocurrency. Stoga, trying to follow the regulatory necessities enforced by the People’s Bank of China upon Bitcoin exchanges, three major Chinese Bitcoin exchanges such as BTCC, OKCoin, Huobi introduced that it suspend Bitcoin withdrawals.

These three main Bitcoin exchanges in China announced that they will resume cryptocurrency withdrawals during this month, but the suspension continues because Bitcoin exchange wait for approval from the People’s Bank of China. Međutim, there is no any information about when exchanges will obtain regulatory approval and resume the Bitcoin withdrawals. Stoga, it looks like this suspension may continue much longer than one month.


Even as the People’s Bank of China seems set on regulating the currency, it remains to be seen how precisely this could pan out. Ranije ovog mjeseca, it was stated that China should offer clarity toward the currency’s regulation and supervision of Bitcoin exchanges.

As was stated by the official from the Chinese government, the supervision of the Bitcoin exchanges and trading platforms falls beneath the remit of the People’s Bank of China. Sve u svemu, nobody knows how this will effect on the position of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency in China, but of course it already influenced on the Bitcoin exchanges who have their hands tied waiting for regulatory approval.

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