Napadaju Bitcoin bankomat čekićem nije dobro

It appears Bitcoin ATMs are being focused by a set of criminals with hammer. To be more specific, each the Detroit and Chicago areas have seen increasingly more physical attacks towards teller machines.

It is doubtful what the motive for this behavior is, even though rumors recommend this do with competing businesses looking to take away the opposition by sheer pressure. Bitcoin ATMs are more relaxed than bank counterparts, taking a hammer to it will nevertheless render the machine vain.


A complete of 4 suspects has been named as those accountable for these attacks towards Bitcoin ATMs. Zapravo, a lawsuit has been filed towards these 3 individuals, certainly one of whom used to run his personal Bitcoin ATM network. Below the name MT group, the Bitcoin initiative was really a hit, before it was offered out via Bitexpress.

SandP solutions, Inc. brought the lawsuit in question to the Northern Illinois District courtroom. Their declare mentions how 3 brothers are chargeable for making a Bitcoin ATM bashing scheme. They’re allegedly working a grow of criminals who bash screens of competing Bitcoin ATMs with a hammer.

This step is designed to place the competing service companies out of commercial enterprise. osim toga, the lawsuit claims how numerous ATM proprietors had been threatened, and safety cash has been demanded. Changing a broken Bitcoin ATM can set the owner back as much as $15,000, and paying a ransom may appear to be much more attractive when feeling threatened.


Nearly 8 dozen Bitcoin ATMs have had their screens bashed in with hammers and other blunt objects. This is pretty a difficult variety, moreover the full tally might have been much higher. Coordinating these big-scale efforts isn’t smooth, and the suspects allegedly use a communication platform that mechanically destroys messages once they’re study. It remains doubtful which platform that is, even though.

It is evident the Bitcoin ATM commercial enterprise is becoming very competitive, with larger gamers buying out the smaller competition. Not that there is something incorrect with that, but it is simplest to be anticipated, such a decision could not sit nicely with some operators. S druge strane, they are free to maintain competing if they need to. Resorting to criminal pastime is never the solution. It is going to be thrilling to keep an eye on this ongoing lawsuit for sure.

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