Fraud Office of United Kingdom Comments on Growing Bitcoin Usage By Offenders

Several days ago, the UK criminal investigatory unit was noting the large grow of the bitcoin usage for illegal purposes.

The United Kingdom Serious Fraud Office is an independent agency in the government of United Kingdom. In recent days, this agency made several new comments about whether it supposes that bitcoin could being used for illegal purposes and criminal activity or not. The yesterday released comments reflect the first public statements about bitcoin and blockchain technology made by Serious Fraud Office.


While the UK Serious Fraud Office mentioned that it has never released or made any research by their own, another parts of the United Kingdom government have done something the same in the recent past. So last November, HM Treasury made a report about how Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency represents the lowest money laundering risk in comparison with another payment methods, including bank systems and cash as well.

As we noted, this United Kingdom criminal investigatory agency refused that it had made any particular studies of bitcoin and such technology. However, the Serious Fraud Office stated that it would take into consideration such or the same researches to investigate the new types of fraudulence.

The Serious Fraud Office said:

“We would therefore take into account specific allegations of bitcoin being used to perpetrate serious or complicated fraud. Such a case would possibly represent a new or rising kind of fraud. The Serious Fraud Office is aware of increasing use of bitcoin by criminals but has not conducted any specific studies into the impact of this kind of crime.”


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