ViaBTC lancera échange international

Popular China’s mining pool ViaBTC has announced it is going to launch a worldwide exchange by the end of 2017 after it raised 20 million Yuan. ViaBTC is one of the less powerful pools in operation nowadays, having mined 4.6 % of blocks during the last seven days. Chinese news resource, cnLedger, stated initial information of a series A deal led by main mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain, which have to see the trade go live within the second half of the 12 mois.


cnLedger posted in Twitter on April 5:

Chinese pool @ViaBTC to launch its overseas #Bitcoin exchange within the second half of 2017, and raised ¥20 million in round A, led by Bitmain

toutefois, ViaBTC has been a staunch Bitcoin unlimited proponent whilst its choice to assist the scaling solution cost by fifty percent of its hashing power. de plus, in March the pool publicly appealed to Bitcoin customers championing Segregated Witness not to block the process of implementation of Bitcoin unlimited.

ViaBTC posted in Twitter on March 10:

Bitcoin unlimited is the main now. Segregated Witness supporters please do not block Bitcoin unlimited.


ViaBTC is the world’s first public pool that switched to Bitcoin unlimited in the world and it have been taking an essential function in block scaling, assisting different pools to update to Bitcoin unlimited.

ViaBTC stated:

“We think that Bitcoin unlimited is thus far the most optimal and relevant block scaling solution.”

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