SolidX Fichiers déclaration d'enregistrement sur formulaire S-1 pour Bitcoin confiance

SolidX Partners allows blockchain-based solutions regarding the indelible writing of records, transfert de fonds, and identity.

SolidX Partners INC., an innovative firm which is used blockchain technology in its business, recently declared that it has filed a registration statement on S-1 form with the Securities and Exchange Commission concerning the future launch of the SolidX Bitcoin Trust. This trust will obtain to deliver shareholders with exposure to the everyday conversion in the U.S. dollar price of bitcoin, avant les coûts et les passifs de la Fiducie. La Fiducie ne sera pas contrôlée avec enthousiasme, et, of course, will list on the New York Stock Exchange with the “XBTC” emblème. The digital version of the registration statement may be easily accessed through the SEC’s web.


The suggestion are going to be created solely by means of a list. A duplicate of the list, once on the market, is also obtained by mail from SolidX Management LLC, two hundred Park Avenue or by emailing

The registration statement regarding some safeties has been filed with the SEC but nevertheless has not been declared efficient. These safeties might not be oversubscribed because offers to shop for should be recognized earlier than the registration statement becomes efficient. This announcement will not represent a suggestion to sell or the suggestion to shop for these safeties, nor there be some trade of those safeties in any state within which such supply would be illegal before registration under the securities regulations of any jurisdiction.

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