Chinois Bitcoin échange Fonds rapports ne sont pas pour tous les utilisateurs

There were a lot of attention to the Chinese Bitcoin market as Bitcoin exchanges in China started requiring users to offer information of the source of cryptocurrency finances and where they will be withdrawn to. In a letter from one Chinese Bitcoin exchange translated by news resource cnLedger, reference is made to Anti Money Laundering policies by authorities departments as the root motivation for asking for the information.

The letter states:

“In step with AML policies by government departments including the central bank and China Banking Regulatory commission, you’re required to offer clarification of the sources of your finances, and the destinations of the crypto-currencies you withdraw.”


Famous Bitcoin exchange in China, Huobi has clarified that requests for evidence of origin and destination of finances is only for users with potential money laundering dangers. In an update to its original circular, which was translated by cnLedger recent week, the Bitcoin exchange noted that other users would not be stricken by the requirements.

Huobi posted in Twitter:

Huobi clarifies: Survey concerning the source of the finances is only for users with potential money laundering dangers, not for all customers.


Publication of the message sparked speculation that China was about to re-permit Bitcoin withdrawals from exchanges in keeping with new regulatory movements by the central bank of China and others. at the same time as that shift has yet to happen, Chinese buying and selling off-trade on resources including LocalBitcoins peaked again after comments made by the Director of the people’s bank of China, Zhou Xuedong.

LocalBitcoins nowadays stays unregulated and openly available in China. toutefois, temps, some other senior Chinese finance determine has gone on report noting that Bitcoin isn’t appropriate for modern-international economic programs.

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