Banque centrale d'Égypte vers le bas Bitcoin Adoption Pousses Rumeur

La Corée du Sud permis Bitcoin Entreprises pour les transferts internationaux argent. Prendre essor à travers les médias sociaux, the rumors suggested that the central bank of Egypt was thinking about the opportunity of permitting banks throughout the Egypt to recognize and manage cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. En tout, central bank of Egypt deputy governor Lobna Helal has denied the speculation and next reviews.

Banque d'Egypte

mois restant à courir, Lobna Helal said:

For balance of the Egyptian banking system, the banks cope with the legitimate currencies only, and never cope with any cryptocurrencies.

Comparable feedback were made by Gamal Negm, deputy governor, pointing to a categorical refusal of accepting any cryptocurrencies even as just recognizing legitimate currencies. The officials’ statements come at a time in which some of nations in the world are looking to determine legal and regulatory frameworks for state-averse, decentralized cryptocurrencies. Japan is a great instance of a nation proactively introducing regulation to acknowledge and deem cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as a criminal way of payment. Philippine’s central bank additionally issued policies for bitcoin exchanges earlier this 12 mois, a move which essentially acknowledges and legalizes bitcoin activity within the Philipine.


toutefois, noteworthy is Russia, which has modified stances from providing imprisonment for bitcoin adopters to publicly speak about regulating and legalizing bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies. Inde, unexpectedly switching over to cashless payments, is likewise taking into account a legal framework for cryptocurrencies. If identified and controlled, bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies will benefit further momentum in adoption amongst a population of over one thousand million people.

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