Bitcoin réseau Carnet de commandes passe à plus de 165,000 Transactions non confirmées

The latest growth in demand for Bitcoin led to some exciting results. With more people become interested in Bitcoin, there are more cryptocurrency network transactions. toutefois, it appears there’s a main backlog forming once more. There are over 165,000 Bitcoin transactions ready to be confirmed nowadays. The quantity keeps to climb at a brief pace. It is doubtful what’s going on exactly, or why this backlog is taking place right now.


It was to be anticipated there would be Bitcoin congestion eventually. Given the latest surge in attention, that isn’t completely sudden. This new backlog has grown out of proportions by quite a margin. Avec plus de 165,000 transactions expecting confirmations, matters aren’t searching that wonderful. It appears Bitcoin customers are forced to pay higher expenses or keep off on broadcasting transactions.

It is not the first time the Bitcoin network faces a backlog. Activities like these have transpired a couple of times in the past. It is evident there’s a need for scaling solutions to deal with this influx of transactions. Moving transactions off-chain or growing the block size are legitimate options to do so. Achieving consensus on which idea is better is very hard.


There does not look like a specific motive for the congestion right now. No unsolicited mail transactions have been detected thus far. It is usually a bit of a guessing game when backlogs like these occur. previous tries were resulting from spam transactions almost every time. Aujourd'hui, this is a golden time for Bitcoin miners, bien que. Higher bitcoin and cryptocurrency fees mean better profits for them, therefore they gained’t complain about the situation anytime soon.

The bigger question is when the situation will be resolved. It typically doesn’t take too long for backlogs to subside. sinon, the congestion has never been this huge either. A thrilling improvement, de mentionner le moins. Pour l'instant, the usage of higher transaction expenses will assist transfers verify quicker. toutefois, that isn’t the ideal direction of action to take Bitcoin mainstream within the future.

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