Ethereum Price Reaches New Record High at $415

On November 23, the rate of Ethereum reached a new all-time high at $415. With its latest surge in price, the marketplace valuation of Ethereum has moved towards the forty billion dollars mark, a marketplace cap that is bigger than seven of the ten biggest digital currencies within the marketplace mixed, aside from bitcoin and Bitcoin cash.

The demand for Ethereum has been evenly distributed throughout two main markets, South Korea and the United States. South Korean Bithumb, the biggest digital currency exchange in the world by buying and selling quantity, has accounted for almost fifteen percent of Ethereum trades during the last day. Alternative digital currencies within the marketplace have a tendency to comply with the price trend of Ethereum. Because the rate of Ethereum surged from nearly $380 to $415, different digital currencies accompanied. The majority of digital currencies within the marketplace recorded huge profits, particularly Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, and Monero.


Frank Schuil, the chief executive Officer at Safello, one of Europe’s biggest bitcoin brokerages and wallet systems, currently noted that the Ethereum network has been processing more transactions on a everyday foundation than the complete digital currency marketplace. On average, the Ethereum settles over 544000 transactions, that is about fifty two percent of the digital currency marketplace’s transactions. Bitcoin on common processes 270000 transactions for one day, almost fifty percent of the Ethereum network’s each day transaction quantity.

The Ethereum network has begun to settle more transactions than the Bitcoin network since the execution of the Byzantium hard fork in October. Donald McIntyre, the founder of Etherplan and incredibly regarded Ethereum analyst, mentioned that the demand for Ethereum as a settlement network has accelerated, typically because of the growth in transaction expenses of the Bitcoin network.

Even though transaction expenses at the Bitcoin network have declined since October, because of SegWit and the restructuring of the worldwide bitcoin and Bitcoin cash hash rate, wallet systems including Blockchain and Coinbase suggest a price of nearly $0.8 for non-SegWit transactions, that’s around 9x more than the recommended charge for Ethereum transactions. However, Blockchain, the second biggest wallet platform after Coinbase, has introduced that it intends to integrate SegWit by early 2018. Nevertheless, until then, it isn’t possible for customers on non-SegWit wallet systems to experience almost thirty five percent discount in expenses.

The gradual adoption price of SegWit and network instability of different blockchain networks as Bitcoin cash have ultimately caused the growth in demand for Ethereum. As such, Ethereum has started to settle considerably more transactions than different blockchain networks.

With huge development being made with open-source scaling initiatives like Plasma and Sharding, strong community of conglomerates in the enterprise Ethereum Alliance, and the integration of innovative digital graphic structures including ZK-SNARKs, the marketplace stays positive within the mid-term future of Ethereum in terms of technology development, adoption, and upward push in the reputation of decentralized software.


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