Venemaa kavatseb mandaadi Identity Kontrollib Bitcoin Ostjad

Asetäitja rahandusminister Venemaa, Alexei Moiseev, mainitud sel nädalal, et cryptocurrency ostjad Venemaa peavad tõestama nende identifitseerimise all eelseisva määrused. Kuus, Vene rahandusministeeriumi vormistab ettepanekud cryptocurrency õiguse, according to TASS, the Russian state-owned information company.


Aleksei Moiseev ütles:

The Ministry is proposing to change the transaction of cryptocurrencies usage concepts that apply to economic instruments including derivatives. A key element of the regulations could be a mandate for identity of cryptocurrency. If you need to purchase any monetary product, you need to show passport, fill out an agreement, and write which you aren’t an American taxpayer. The same have to apply here.

This function is in step with the sentiment from Elvira Nabiullina, the Governor of the central bank of Russia, who mentioned that the Russia is likely to treat the bitcoin as a digital asset rather than a cryptocurrency.


The information follows word that the financial institution of Russia, the Russia’s crucial bank, is transferring beforehand with new rules that would apprehend bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as virtual items, with relevant tax imposed.


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