Marihuaana Kasvatajad Pöörake Bitcoin

Marijuana organizations within the United States need to function using huge quantities of money, as they haven’t potential to get admission to bank accounts, accept credit cards, or write checks. That’s a logistical headache and steady protection risk, at least this is their complain. Now, they turn to bitcoin for salvation. Marijuana is legal for both leisure and medical use in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Massachusetts, Maine, Alaska and the District of Columbia. The sale of pot is accepted in twenty extra states for medical purposes.

The information from economic offerings company Cowen & Co showed legal marijuana was a six billion dollars business remaining 12 kuud, and is anticipated to develop to fifty billion dollars to the end of 2026. Some new financial technology startups, including POSaBIT and SinglePoint, use bitcoin as an intermediate step that lets pot consumers use their financial institution-issued credit cards to buy weed.


Jon Baugher, co-founder of POSaBIT, määratud:

“There’s no industry, whether it’s the manufacturing and sale of cannabis or the manufacturing and sale of a cup of coffee -which can function adequately, transparently or efficiently without access to banks or different financial establishments and conventional offerings. That’s where we thought we could leverage the use of cryptocurrency.”

In step with POSaBIT, the organization has taken steps to comply with federal and state laws regulating each marijuana income and cryptocurrency. Clients need to present a legitimate identification this is scanned, encrypted and saved, even as consumers are allowed to acquire no more than $150 in bitcoin to prevent money laundering. The organization has a nine-point fraud-detection application designed to thwart criminals. It additionally requires that retail clients have a bank account, not always a given in the cannabis business.


Some people from the cannabis business say it can just be a matter of time earlier than pot sellers have a less complicated solution than using cryptocurrencies. The reluctance of banks to deal with pot transactions will subside earlier than the cryptocurrency solution has a risk to take off, mentioned Jeffrey Zucker, co-founder of Green Lion Partners, a strategy company centered on early-stage improvement in the marijuana business.

Jeffrey Zucker said:

“The banking problems are going to be solved in such time that the people in this business are going to gravitate toward conventional banking.”


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