Crowdfunding Website Brelion Now Accepted Bitcoin

Bitcoin digital currency users now have a brand new option to invest in property by using the funds they have stockpiled on Bitcoin and make up to pure gold come back. True to its leading edge, different investment approach, real estate crowdfunding web site Brelion is venturing into Bitcoin with a pilot property, creating it the only company offering a Bitcoin digital currency property investment option.

brelion Brelion, a real estate crowdfunding web site, is permitting investors to use bitcoin to invest in property, creating it the first company to supply such an investment possibility, in keeping with the corporate. Brelion’s goal is to remove barriers to real estate investment by taking it out of the hands of banks, major funds and large companies.

The first property could be a four bedroom, 1.5 bath residence bought for about 30.83 XBT, with renovations estimated at 65.49 XBT. The project manager expects the property to appraise for about 120.21 XBT and to be refinanced to return the equity invested.

Brelion is about breaking down barriers to property investment by taking it out of the hands of huge funds, large companies and banks and making it accessible. By utilizing the crowdfunding conception made popular by sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Brelion effectively provides individual licenced investors access to different investment options and the ability to hand-select projects, while enabling little and mid-sized renovation firms to access capital while not being obligated to traditional finance.

Kleyner said:

“At Brelion, we have a tendency to believe investment should be easy and profitable for everybody involved. i think this currency has major potential and there are not yet enough options for people who use it to be able to invest it and gain returns instead of having their cash sit in a virtual wallet. Therefore I made a decision to open our projects to Bitcoin investment, beginning with our pilot property.”

Kleyner is no stranger to different investment, real estate or IT. In making Brelion, Kleyner blends over twenty years of IT experience with a decade of real estate experience. As CTO of Costupdate, he spearheaded the preparation of a “just in time” B2C logistics platform that synthesized the most efficient delivery methods for one million merchandise from a multitude of sources around the world. In 2015, he sold his $100 million asset under management real estate company to a partner of Keller Williams realty, one amongst the biggest global real property firms. Highly regarded as an alternative investment strategist, Kleyner has been featured in print and video for his professional deserves.


Brelion’s web site uses many layers of information encryption and software system security protocols, as well as SSL 256-bit certificate, which is hosted in Microsoft Azure Cloud. Brelion has place policies in place to prevent and ensure anti-money laundering compliance. Brelion is additionally using Thomson Reuters, a third party screening service, to screen licensed investors.

Alex Gertsburg said:

“I invested in Brelion because I do know and trust its founders and because I strongly believe in its platform and its business model. I am additionally drawn to the disruptive innovation that is instilled in it. The fact that the company puts its own cash alongside that of its investors – i.e., puts its cash where its mouth is – is completely consistent with the method its leaders think and act. I am glad I invested. It’s been smooth sailing so far and I with happiness deposit my Brelion interest check each month.”

Brelion vets projects from little to mid-sized renovation firms. Investors will create an account, undergo accreditation, explore pre-vetted investment opportunities and pledge an investment. Minimum investment can be as low as $1,000.


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