BitStarz Refuses To Pay Out Bitcoin Profits for the Players

People are frequently like to use different online gambling platforms and Bitcoin users is not an exemption. Nevertheless, the operator of online gambling platforms or online casino operators are also use Bitcoins for their payments because they have some additional benefits working with cryptocurrency. One of the most famous online casino, BitStarz, refused to pay out Bitcoins for several of their devoted customers.

Presently one of the Reddit’s user make a post about how he try to withdraw 0.9 Bitcoin from his account on BitStarz. Once the system mark the transaction as processed, but there was not any Bitcoin transaction, and of course, there was not any bitcoin withdrawing to the wallet. Overall, the problem, which may always happen, was quickly solved and user got his money.


However, the user faced another problem for the next day after he won 5 Bitcoin. Therefore, the user could not transfer his winning balance. BitStarz required additional verification as a credit card verification, but although the user passed the bank account verification and the utility bill scan verification too.

Today the BitStarz refuses to withdraw the Bitcoins until the user pass this extra verification and give all required documentation. This user stated that he used his credit card for payments a year ago. All in all it is not the first time when famous BitStarz received a negative feedback from Bitcoins community. All this looks like the casino use new casual reasons for not paying out winnings.

The BitStarz posted a reply on Reddit:

“I’m operating for BitStarz therefore I simply wished to clear this up real quick. If you are creating deposits with a card, all casinos have an obligation to ask for a copy of the card used, it does not matter if it had been used a year past or used yesterday. This is nothing distinctive for us, however a demand from our casino license establishment, which a legit casino has. Again, we’re not making this up just to make things difficult for you.”


The Bitstarz stated that it should pass the verification of the user’s credit card to allow user withdraw his money without any issues. Nevertheless, it looks like the company starts to use shady schemes when the user wins a lot of money. Moreover, some people stated that the Bitstarz is slowly turning into a scam.


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