BitSpark Starts Bitcoin Remittance Services in Malaysia

Malaysia seems to be sutible for the conception of Bitcoin and Fintech as of late. Due to a new cooperation between Bitspark and Vitaxel Group, Bitcoin money order will be coming to the Malaysian market very soon. Most people in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency community probably heard something about the Bitspark. This company focusing on the transaction sector by using Bitcoin’s blockchain technology. Moreover, it was one of the first world’s cash-in and cash-out remittance service.

Malaysian Bitcoin

Partnership with Vitaxel group could be a significant milestone for Bitspark. Vitaxel group is the parent company of the primary MLM from South East Asia which is specializing on traveling, diversion, health, and style merchandise. All of their suggestions are available on the electronic commerce platform, as well as its own shopping place. It is very reasonable for each of the corporations to venture into the Malaysian market, because there are a lot of potentials to explore. At the same time, Malaysia can be the frist of the many because this partnership searchs to capture all of the South East Asia markets over the approaching years. With the increase of mobile banking and usage of smartphone, reducing prices in cross-border trade is should to be explored.

Bitspark CEO, George Harrap, said:

“We are delighted today to begin our cooperation with such a distinguished company as Vitaxel and who are a natural fit with their experience in the eCommerce and payments space already and are confident together we will be able to offer market leading services to both individuals and companies alike in Malaysia.”

Remittance trnasactions in Malaysia are becoming a big business possibility, and over US $ 2 billion in funds is sended to Indonesia per annum. However, for producing the better importance to customers, there is always a place for more effective technology usage. This is often where Vitaxel Group comes into, as they believe, the partnership with Bitspark will help to change the game.

Onward considerations about this partnership will be continued over the next few weeks. Of course much more information will be accessible in the nearest future. Creating the advantage of blockchain technology to remittance in Malaysia will be not so easy, but it is an splendid opportunity for Bitcoin as well, to increase the positive consideration.


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