Bitcoin Reached Its Bottom As Crypto Funds Beat Hedge Funds

Bitcoin should return to height stages within the subsequent couple of weeks and will keep increasing from there, as cited digital currency investor Dan Morehead.

Chief executive officer of Pantera Capital, a hedge fund and funding company, Dan Morehead, stated:

“There is such an institutional interest to get exposure to this. No one owns a half-a-trillion-dollar asset class. That is a quite wild circumstance. And bitcoin remains so under owned by institutional traders that it trades at its personal beat.”


Pantera Capital was created in 2003 and began its first digital currency fund in 2013. It has since had returns of more than 22000%, in line with the Hedge Fund Research Indexes. In 2017, Pantera Capital released an initial coin offering, fund and a virtual asset fund, receiving returns of 549% and 188%. In middle of December, while bitcoin was buying and selling around $19500, the digital fund was up nearly 2922% and collected more than two billion dollars in assets under control. Pantera Capital was so successful that it needed to increase costs to reduce inflows.

Dan Morehead also said:

“We are really aware it is a completely speculative marketplace. It is volatile on the upside. It may be unstable on the downside.”

Dan Morehead

In December, Dan Morehead expected the digital currencies could fall by fifty percent earlier than the subsequent huge surge. Digital expenses slowly started to creep back up this week, buying and selling above eight thousand dollars on Thursday.

Dan Morehead stated:

“Bitcoin’s bottom can be here. Bear markets, on average, have a seventy-one day run, and we are fifty-two days into this. It seems like another couple of weeks and everything will be ordinary and bitcoin can begin growing back up once more.”


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