Bitcoin Price Reached $3136 on 3136th Day of Its Existence

Call it a coincidence, but the Bitcoin reached $3136 per one bitcoin on its 3136th day of existence on August 9. The cryptocurrency was installed on January 1, 2009. Even though that is only an amusing and useless statistic, it indicates how the cryptocurrency has increased rapidly since its introduction. This additionally means that the cryptocurrency is already successfully worth one dollar for each day it existed.

This statistic may be taken into consideration as insignificant and could suggest nothing to most people of ordinary clients. This coincidence suggests how Bitcoin accomplished solidly through the years in comparison to different cryptocurrencies. Based totally on cautious exam, there are only a few cryptocurrencies, which are in existence nowadays that may suit or surpass Bitcoin’s feat.


One Reddit user mentioned that even the fiat currencies just like the dollar can’t match Bitcoin’s overall performance. In truth, fiat currencies are continuously dropping their buying power to inflation. Bitcoin, alternatively, has registered a fast growth in purchasing power.

Bitcoin is a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system that was developed by a nameless programmer or a set of programmers who used the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. The customers use the cryptocurrency immediately once they conduct peer-to-peer transactions. The transactions are recorded in a public disbursed ledger known as Blockchain.


The cryptocurrency may be taken into consideration because the first decentralized cryptocurrency as it is used without a central repository or single administrator. Based totally on studies by Cambridge University, there are already among 2.9 to 5.8 million particular customers of a cryptocurrency wallet in 2017, with most of the people of them using Bitcoin.


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