Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Achieves All-time High

The Bitcoin mining difficulty reached a new all-time high, showing an increasing interest Bitcoin mining. The most recent difficulty growing was up to 5.9% and it would be stable in just over 12 days from now. The hashrate of BItcoin network is above 1,874 million GH/s, and it will no change soon.


As everybody knows, the Bitcoin mining difficulty has reached many highs and lows in recent seven years. The difficulty of Bitcoin network is automatically regulated by the latest network hashrate. Therefore, if the amount of people mining Bitcoin is low before a difficulty will change, it will cause a negative difficulty regulation. It will designed to attract more miners to the Bitcoin network to indemnify and decentralize it. Overall, the current hashrate is growing and the difficulty of the network too, that is why the Bitcoin mining difficulty reached a new all-time high today.

This increase was not fully surprising, analyzing that the hashrate of Bitcoin network has not gone down by much in last several months. Moreover, you can noted that the past two months have been rather flat before the new miners was added soon.

It is not very hard to understand why the mining difficulty has been rising up. Analyzing the nine-month chart you may note absolutely increase of the hashrate every month, which will ultimately push the difficulty higher. Nowadays the difficulty of Bitcoin network reaches at an all-time high, but overall the hashrate may keep on growing.


In spite of the increasing hashrate and mining difficulty, Bitcoin network blocks are still being created within the same time window as before. The common block time is 9.7 minutes. Overall, the Bitcoin mining hashrate has more than doubled from December 31, 2015.


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