Bitcoin Is not Reliable Currency Yet

Japan’s top financial official has provided his stance on bitcoin in 12 months in which the digital currency was ruled a legal method of payment in Japan. Japan’s finance minister, Taro Aso, mentioned that bitcoin is yet to be confirmed as a credible currency in society earlier than admitting that he would watch its development within the future.

Taro Aso, a former prime minister, said:

“There’s no constant definition on whether it’s a currency or not. This problem is a hard one. It has not yet been proven to be credible sufficient to become a currency, so I want to watch on bitcoin for a bit while more.”


Even as the remarks are remarkable, Japan is a few of the earliest nations in the world to recognize and acknowledge bitcoin as a legal way of payment, following regulation that kicked during these 12 months. The validation was enough for a couple of trials in retail places, such as an airline, to accept bitcoin in Japan. Following bitcoin’s legal recognition, one local city authorities in Japan started accepting bitcoin donations to keep a historic natural park

In spite of its stature as a technology-ahead society, Japan is lagging in virtual payments adoption to the likes of China and Korea. An costly onboarding method for card payment terminals in a conventional money-heavy infrastructure means Japan is at a measly adoption charge of nineteen percent of its society using virtual payments, in comparison to China and Korea that see over fifty percent of their societies embracing cashless price methods.

Taro Aso

As a result, Japan’s authorities has embarked on a FinTech increase strategy that goal to double the adoption rate of digital payments over the next decade. Japan’s retail traders have additionally been credited as a huge driving aspect at the back of this year’s putting bitcoin price gains.

Deutsche bank analysts wrote in a note to customers:

“We suppose that Japan’s retail traders are moving from leveraged foreign-exchange trading to leveraged digital currency trading.”


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