Bitcoin Exchange Gemini Expands to Canada

Famous Bitcoin exchange Gemini which was founded by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss will now begin working in Canada, as a part of an international expansion program. it should be noted that this Bitcoin exchange is based in New York. Canadians will now have access to a new cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchange in the Winklevoss exchange.


Cameron Winklevoss wrote in yesterday announcement that it will be just a begining of Bitcoin exchange, Gemini, international expansion and e first step in building a world-class digital asset exchange with global reach. After this expansion registered users in Canada will be able to trade bitcoin and ether on the ETH/BTC order book. Today, users have ability to trade bitcoin and ether only on Gemini. A future development of its other services will enable users to buy or sell BTC and ETH for USD and give a chance to trade on ETH/BTC pair.

Tyler Winklevoss made a speech to Reuters, where he mention about their decision to resolve an all-cryptocurrency order book. He told that the decision to open first with the bitcoin and ether order book because of the great demand for that. In acknowledgment, he has noted that there are a lot of people who own bitcoin, but they don’t have a safe place to store them, and Gemini bitcoin exchange will try to solve this problem.

Especially, there is no regulatory acceptance indispensable for Gemini to function as a digital-assets exchange in Canada. The Gemini Exchange was particularly the first licensed ether exchange in the world after receiving an approval from the New York Department of Financial Services to suggest Ether trading. After its launch in 2015, Gemini obtained an indulgence to function as a cryptocurrency exchange without the necessity for a BitLicense. Moreover, Gemini can also propose services to both individual and institutional clients because it is regulated as a fiduciary. Furthermore, Gemini can operate countrywide in the United States as a preference limited liability responsibility, liberate from having to appeal for money-transmitter licenses from the necessary individual states.

Beyond Canada, Gemini’s international expansion program will certainly focus on another foreign country join Canada in the coming days, but Canada also wil be the first step in this Bitcoin exchange expansion.



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