Bitcoin Compact Block is an Upgrade to Reduce Propagation Times

Bitcoin Core has published an FAQ division to regard the most recent Bitcoin Improvement Proposal or BIP. Speaking about BIP we are talking about the BIP 152 named Compact Block Relay. This upgrade is created to decrease the bandwidth and the period it takes for a block to distribute through the nodes across Bitcoin’s network.


This Bitcoin modernization contains some technics which was created to reduce a Bitcoin block’s propagation time via the network. The main idea of the upgrade is to take excellence of the fact that full nodes have similar data in their memory pools. Thereby, the node can only transmit the Bitcoin blok’s outline to their equals, which them will recreate it, this will help to save bandwidth as the full block does not have to be transferred. The Bitcoins block sketch will maintain an 80-byte header of the new block, abbreviated transaction identifiers, and furthermore it may send some other transactions ID which the sending peer prophesy the accepting peer doesn’t have yet.

Bitcoin’s core team wrote in the BIP152’s FAQ:

“The advantage of this approach is that transactions only need to be sent once in the best case —when they are originally broadcast—providing a large reduction in overall bandwidth.”

The Bitcoin’s upgrade also has a new function called high bandwidth mode, in which nodes can require the same block to numerous peers in the network which allow to decrease latence, at the expense of a slightly higher bandwidth usage. Benchmarks of this new method shown that a exemplary 1MB full block which contain 2,500 transactions can be transmited with only 15KB, and 86% of those blocks will distribute in short order without some needs of a second request for any other missing transactions. Bitcoin Core team believe that this new Bitcoin Improvement Proposal will profit the network in general.

They said:

“Decreasing block propagation times on the p2p network creates a healthier network with a better baseline relay security margin.”

BIP152 has already a working realization, which currently was tested by the developer community. Future plans to refine BIP152 may include the exchange of TCP protocol with UDP transmission, and using an error correction technics for handling loosing packets. On the whole, these reconstructions are always welcomed, if they will make Bitcoin more sensible.




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