Secures 1% of Global Hashrate

The famous mining pool mined its 10th block after reaching almost 1% of global hashrate. Roger Ver, the founder of stated that his company has been paying its miners 6% more than other large and popular mining pools. The reaching of 1% of global hashrate by such popular mining pool looks more important than somebody can imagine.

Bitcoin Unlimited, the famous project created especially to hard fork the Bitcoin network for scalability, which allows people to make blocksize limits by themselves. Therefore, the is one of the several teams who maintain this interesting project.

With the help of such project, the miners can choose to operate with 2 MB blocks or actually with the larger blocksizes as 3MB or maybe 4MB. Moreover, this project was created to check its influence on the Bitcoin network in terms of security and rapidity. The mining pool of the and the some of its miners are supporting Bitcoin Unlimited and the implementation of Bitcoin hard fork to scale directly the Bitcoin network. Therefore, regarding the resistance aims to the Bitcoin Core creation team and mining pools, the rising hashpower looks very important for Bitcoin community.

One of such important implementations is the Segreated Witness offer, which changes signatures kept in the block to optimize the blocksize of Bitcoin network and hold more transactions in a block.

Of course, the could become an alternative solution to Core team’s scaling technologies, particularly for Bitcoin miners. All in all, there are a lot of people who think that an instantaneous change of the Bitcoin network will necessary bring some new users and investors in Bitcoin community and cryptocurrency industry.

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However, Roger Ver before the recent Scaling Bitcoin Milan conference was asked the important question about will he try to prevent the activation of Segreated Witness or not.

Roger Ver answered:

“Undecided, but keeping an open mind. I anticipate to discussing it this weekend in Milan.”’s hashrate of 1% is a significant for short term grows since October 1, when the hashrate of the mining pool accounted for less than 0.5% of the global hashrate.


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