Bitcoin and Bitwage-Bitso Partnership Arrives to Mexico

Bitso began enter billing to Bitcoin Mexican employee facility. Thanks to its business with the settlement Bitwage, now the crypto currency exchange lets employees to paid in pesos and receive Bitcoin.

According Bitso CEO, Pablo Gonzalez, higher wages for Bitcoin expanded chances for Mexican employees, mainly freelancers, for work at international level to look the same as the marsh has paid down channels and transactions in their currency.

He said:

“In Bitso, we are all about empowering Mexicans with real Bitcoin solutions that make a difference in their lives. Our partnership with Bitwage just does that. It opens up the doors for freelancers in Mexico to seek international opportunities using the most efficient payment rail with the lowest transfer fees. We have an incredible pool of talent down here -it’s time for the world to witness!”


The growth accelerated further crypto currency worldwide tendency towards cohesion, totaling the money aspect in a world without borders, because the web has made progress in the information Fase.

For Marco Montes Neri, CEO so that employees pay in remote bills for friends and relatives in the North American nation beyond the border violations and life micro insurance, helps to overcome the Bitcoin money limits so that no a priori potential Marco Montes Neri says:

“The world is changing in a mass market, especially corridors, the square measure of the Mexico-United States for the return years Mechanisms banks square measure going to see a dramatic increase in the volume of transfers. Unable, these growing needs and Bitcoin and alternative crypto currencies square measure I want to be, to serve a very important part of the calculation method for its immutability and independence. No one has this technology.”

Genito Robert, CEO of Peer Bitcoin exchange coins wall, which began its operations in North America recently, the nation feels that the ability to the Internet together to fix individuals only reinforces the growth in Bitcoin.

“Well, Web connected individuals, but VISA or MasterCard were clearly not designed for such systems, and are no longer tied to people. On the other hand you have the Bitcoin, which survives only in the internet community. With the VISA and MasterCard working processes does not all will participate. Not everyone seems to be ready for all these MASTER sharing redundant parts. And Bitcoin susceptible everything safe for all in the approach that person does not have values, and rooted in our society. “


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