Apple Claims Two Scam Bitcoin Applications

Several days ago, the famous Apple approved two apps called Ocean and Alpha Wallet that are especially created to steal Bitcoin from users’ wallets. Apple has been removing a significant amount of such applications on App Store, the appearance of such evident scam apps is still surprises the Bitcoin community.


As you may hear, the users of iPhone and some other different Apple devices have met some important problems with scam Bitcoin apps, which was created to steal money. The impossibility to protect users from scam applications of such huge and famous company is making a poor atmosphere for people interested in Bitcoin.

The imaginary legality of the App Store’ applications in terms of branding, design, and functionalities will of course mislead many Bitcoin users, who may use it to keep some great amounts of Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

The first series of the same situations happened in last August and July, when more than 15 scam apps including fake BitGo application, Coinbase and Green Wallets with a little changes of logo were found.

Scam Alert

Some people think that users of Apple’s devices must be informed about such scam apps on the App Store rather than blaming the company of false approval. Nevertheless, considering the very stringent identification process of releasing applications on the App Store, the amount of the scams applications raise some bad suspicions about the role of Apple itself.

The verification procedure of the application may take from one to thirty-one days, relying on the structure and class of the app. However, the most part of the applications pass the two-week verification procedure, which is enough for Apple to detect whether an app is legal or not.


The fact that more than twenty scam apps have passed the strict application filter and verification procedure looks anxious for Bitcoin users and must be taken seriously by the Apple company. Therefore, if such illegal apps continue to appear in the App Store, it may bring to more losses of users’ money.


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