Another Life of Bitcoin Nasdaq Trading after Acquisition

The Bitcoin trading option which is listed on Nasdaq Nordic, rise up once again after the unexpected bankruptcy of its major investors,KnC Group, who was XBT’s former guarantor and ownr about 72% of the company. So it is again active after being halted in late May. The Bitcoin euro tracker one – XBT Provider recently declare about acquisition by Global Advisors. Global Advisors is a hedge fund specializing in cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, which is situated in Jersey. After the approvement of Global Advisors asguarantee the XBT Group has become a Global Advisors branch.


Daniel Masters, co-founder and director of Global Advisors said:

“We believe bitcoin will change the world. Acquiring control of XBT Group is a unique opportunity to increment our strategy of creating access to bitcoin as an asset class.”

CEO and co-founder of XBT Group, Johan Wattenström, thinks that now when XBT Group become a piece of Global Advisors, it has the new facilities for quickly grow its business. Also he mention that it will help to allow their investors with a huge amount of services for safe exposure to bitcoin markets.

Now, it is the best time for acquisition because, today a lot of institutional investors are interested in crypto currencies and digital currencies as well, and mainstream traders find appropriate to invest in such business for profit. KnC startup which had raised in venture funding about $ 32 million in venture funding, declared itself bankrupt in May.



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